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Welcome to Quality-Natural-Health!  We are both a local and on-line clinic dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health through the use of pure, live source nutraceuticals and health education.  Experienced practitioners are available to provide nutritional guidance and detox techniques within a protocol tailored to your specific health needs.

After years of relentless searching for truly pure, high quality supplements and remedies, we were delighted to find the best of best in the world! The primary source of our products, Quantum Nutrition Labs is the world leader in excipient free, live source, nutritional products, a status earned by thirty years of clinical research and meticulous source selection. No other manufacturer within the range of our investigations has come close to the standard of quality and dedication to purity that Quantum Nutrition Labs upholds.  We use these products exclusively in our clinic and are thrilled to have the opportunity to distribute them to you!

  The First Step to Quality Health
Alkalize:  Internal Mineral Balance: Please read more on our:  The First Step to Quality Health!
Our three top products for providing minerals and restoring alkaline balance:
Greens, Quantum 150 Vcaps
High quality, super dense nutrition. 
Loaded with every nutrient the body needs, rich alkaline minerals,  chlorophyll rich protein, vitamins and trace nutrients.

Coral Calcium Plus,
Quantum 90 Vcaps

Very absorbable Calcium and Magnesium + Trace minerals, and mushroom extracts to improve mineral absorption.

D3 Gold, Quantum .5fl oz

• Maintain healthy bone density
• Promote efficient utilization of calcium by the body
• Aid in healthy immune system function
• Promote healthy cognitive function and mood
• Plus many more nutritional benefits!
  The Second Step to Quality Health
Boost Digestion and cleanse the systems naturally: The 2nd Step to Quality Health!
Digest Kit Digest Kit
Three Top Digestives! Excellent for Colon Health!
Digestive Enzymes- For breaking down food, especially essential with cooked food. Consider 2 per meal 2-3 meals a day, taken when the meal begins.
HCL for Quality Acid- (End acid reflux with quality acid). Improves mineral absorption , mineral utilization, improves  detox function, and boost immunity.  Good to start with small doses and work up to 2-6 per meal.  A 16 year old produces the equivalent of 30 caps per meal!!
HCL Activator provides the minerals and nutrients for promoting healthy acid function.  Take the HCL and 2-3 activators 15 mins after meals with water.
     For the first time in recorded history; outrageous health is possible!
   Two simple keys to outrageous health:
 1. Living source, Grade 10, Nutrition!
Quality Cellular Resonance
The human cell has a crystalline matrix, which means it has an ideal resonant frequency. We believe that only nutrients from “once living” sources can best sustain the ideal resonant frequency of your body’s cells.
Ingredient Quality
Quantum Nutrition labs products are purchased solely for quality in terms of purity, potency and quantum-state resonance capacity. They are source only from the finest qualified suppliers all over the world, including Europe, South America, India, China, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries.
Because of rigorous testing, QNLrejects the vast majority of suppliers due to their routine use of pesticides and radiation. The CEO, Dr. Marshall, has traveled to many countries, ever in pursuit of the elusive pristine quality of nutritional ingredients. For example, he has traveled to the central forests of India to find the best source of noni, to Italy to personally examine aloe plants and to South Africa to study tribal plants. Thus, many of our suppliers are small families and farming communities in various countries.
2. Quantum-State Nutrients Without the Risk

Toxic Tag Alongs, as we refer to the lubricants, binding agents, fillers, capsules and processes to produce the supplements are a great concern to the consumer.   When we take a nutrient that has offers the possibility of absorption, but comes with a toxic tag along, there is a great risk involved.  If the body recognizes a nutrient it desires, the defences are relaxed, pores open in absorb more.  If there is a toxic tag along, in accompaniment with an absorbable nutrient, then that will be absorbed at a far greater rate.
No Tablets: Packed at 20,000 lbs/sq inch with a waxy lubricant, it is very unlikely this will ever dissolve in our system before we eliminate.  There are no teeth in our intestines and most people suffer from absorption/digestive issues.
No magnesium stearate, a toxic wax proven to suppress the immune system, as this lubricant is waxy oil, it also contributes to liver & gallbladder congestion.   Usually 1 to 5% concentration in supplements.
No Talcum powder.  Considered a carcinogen in Europe, and banned from food and supplements.  Not required on the supplement label in the US, most manufactures use talcum to separate the capsules and lubricate the machines. 
No animal glandulars with toxic tag-alongs and animal death hormones, how can great health be built on death?  It is easy to show that when an animal dies, necrosis (rot) starts.  This necrosis is easily passed to the consumer.  Also to mention the fear and death hormones contributing to our anxiety, and the misery of the animal.  Like Caffeine, there can be a temporary improvement with animal glandulars, but many studies show there is long term degradation.
No tablets with toxic tag-along binders and fillers. Titanium dioxide, fructose!   Fructose usually code word for “high fructose corn syrup” is harsh on the human body, sticking to brain cells and muddling nerve function
No excipients - highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders, called excipients, are commonly added to nutritional products, Natural Flavours and Food colorings…    Natural flavouring, even if stated as “organic” is usually code word for “made in a perfume chemical plant”  or even the flavour enhancer “MSG”

Be wary, these days, most producers are motivated by financial gains more so than the pursuit of improving the quality of life of people, thus the world.

At Quality-Natural-Health, we help provide you with the opportunity to experience the Quantum Effect delivered to your own home: With the convenience and ease of this shopping system.  Our staff has been trained by Dr. Marshall through his Quantum Reflex Analysis to help guide you towards optimum heath should you need any level of assistance.
  Probiotics and B Vitamins. 

Ideally our intestinal tract contains a harmony of friendly bacteria. Science shows that most people lack this inner ecology. If you had one round of antibiotics or accidentally consumed some antibacterial soap, this would devastate the inner ecology. It is actually a delicate system that needs regular induction of right bacteria to keep out the bad, like Candida. An aware doctor would prescribe the antibiotic and follow up with probiotics. Kill off the bad and put in the good.
Probiotic bacteria digest our food for us, as a byproduct the bacteria produce our B vitamins. Because most Americans lack adequate intestinal probiotic bacteria, we have become severely depleted, creating such conditions as depression, food sensitivities, adrenal depletion, fatigue, weak nerve conductivity and a host of other complaints.

Max Stress B Vitamin, 2oz Liquid, Quantum Nutrition
Most of us have gotten so depleted; supplementation is required to strengthen and restore the system. 
Try our Max Stress B, you’ll love it!  Specially chosen probiotics grown on a vital medium, giving you the best of the vitamins and living bacteria
Probiotic Support 30 Vcap,
Quantum Nutrition Labs

Also consider our Probiotic Blend to support getting those little bacteria in the large intestines.
Full spectrum, naturally occurring.

The body functions as a complex bacterial ecosystem. Maintaining beneficial microbial balance throughout the gastrointestinal tract is vital to the stability of this ecosystem and essential to optimal health.


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