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We have been extremely inspired by Dr. Marshall’s knowledge, brilliance and passion about health. Experience Dr Marshall yourself by listening to his Healthline Radio show aired on a station near you. Healthline Live Radio Show is produced live by Dr. Bob Marshall and is aired on stations all over the USA. Listen live as Dr. Marshall gives talks about health and takes live calls from people around the states.  If there is no show times in radio range near you, keep in mind most of these radio stations “stream” their signal live over the web.  So, you can listen to dr. Marshall speak live from any one of the radio shows playing live. Click this link to get Healthline Radio Showtimes

Archived Radio Shows

Dr. Marshall Speaks Live on the Radio

Six days a week, Dr. Marshall shares his knowledge of nutrition with the world, on live radio. Listeners can call in with their health problems, and Dr. Marshall gives recommendations on nutrition to support the best health for your adrenals, sleep, detoxification, and much more.
Dr. Robert J. Marshall